Dunkin' Donuts to Oust Polystyrene Foam Cups by 2020

by Drake Eisenstein— 4 months ago



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Dunkin’ Donuts plans to begin phasing out polystyrene foam cups beginning this spring, planning to have completely eliminated polystyrene cups from its global supply chain by 2020. While the majority of Dunkin’ Donuts’ international markets are currently using paper cups, the company will work to replace foam cups with a new, double-walled paper cup throughout its US stores as quickly as manufacturing capabilities can get up to speed. Dunkin’ Donuts has been searching for a suitable – and affordable – replacement for polystyrene cups since 2011.

"The double-walled paper cup is made with paperboard certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard and will feature the current re-closable lid already familiar to Dunkin’s customers. With heat retention properties equal to the company’s foam cup, the new double-walled paper cup will keep beverages hot while keeping hands cool, without the need for a sleeve."


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