The Body Shop's New Animal-Rights Campaign

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Besides being rescues with hefty social followings, these pets have another thing in common. They all partnered with The Body Shop for the brand’s largest digital campaign, “Forever Against Animal Testing.” The campaign, which began on June 1 and runs through 2020, aims to raise awareness of the cruelty of animal testing in cosmetics. Today, 80 percent of countries don’t have laws against it, according to the brand’s campaign partner Cruelty Free International, a nonprofit that works to end animal testing. Together, they aim to collect 8 million signatures so it can petition the U.N. to ban animal testing in cosmetics globally.

"Blieden believes the use of these influencers, and especially the pets, will be a major help in getting the signatures needed by 2020. “It’s not just about touting that we don’t believe in testing on animals,” she said, “but it’s ensuring that we do everything in our power to get these 8 million signatures.” It wouldn’t be the first time the brand has worked to ban the use of animal testing in cosmetics. In 1989, it was one of the first international beauty brands to campaign against it. With its help, the practice of animal testing for cosmetic products was banned in the U.K. that year, and the EU followed suit in 2013."


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