The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace

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Organic will become widely popular and will soon become the most sensible agricultural approach to mitigating and adapting to increased global warming. It will deal with the issues and bring tangible results, from significantly better soil carbon sequestration to reduced enteric bovine methane emissions, and many other benefits. As climate change leads to more economic hardships that hit average consumers, policymakers will promote organic as a key societal priority.
The overall organic sector has followed the same impressive trajectory. According to the Natural Foods Merchandiser, in 1992 organic sector sales were $1.54 billion. Organic food sales have enjoyed double-digit growth every year since the 1990s, topping out at $47 billion in 2016 and on pace for another roughly 10 percent growth this year, when they will likely cross the $50 billion mark. The organic sector now makes up about 5 percent of U.S. retail food sales.