This New Site Sells Food And Household Essentials–All For $3 Or Less



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Brandless launched on July 11 with a curated selection of essential products for $3 or less, supporting low-income consumers while combatting poverty.
Sharkey and Leffler are aware that a $3 price point is still not accessible for everyone: A McDonalds hamburger costs less, and when the average Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipient is allocated around $4.23 per day for food, those dollars start to look a lot weightier. Brandless will do a lot to boost access to healthy, good-quality products for a wider range of the U.S. population, but the efforts of one company are not enough to dismantle or reach across decades of entrenched poverty. Sharkey and Leffler recognize this, though, and each purchase made on Brandless will automatically donate a meal through the nonprofit Feeding America.