For Citizens:

Commonstake is a social network with for people who want to shop ethically and avoid being led astray by misleading marketing messages. It allows consumers to cut through corporate greenwashing by crowdsourcing data on companies regarding their environmental standards, social impact and governing integrity. Users can share articles from published news sources or write op-eds to keep each other informed, provide feedback to one another and rate companies. Empowered as consumer citizens we’re able to support companies whose practices reflect our values and divest from those that do not.

Here’s how Commonstake connects shareholders, companies and causes:

  • Consumers: Commonstake users have access to crowdsourced information on the CSR practices of companies they solicit and can earn rewards fromshopping with them or by fulfilling cause marketing promotions to invest in purpose-driven startups.

  • Companies: Corporate citizens can can manage their business on Commonstake, allowing them to engage with their shareholders in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market and conditional on high ratings, to advertise products and promotions.

  • Causes: User activity on Commonstake is rewarded with $cale¢hange ($¢), a special form of equity in Scalechange, which cannot be sold for 5 years. During that time, users are able to vote upon which startups obtain their dividends, empowering them as impact investors. Startup social ventures and mission-based organizations are encouraged to apply for seed funding on Scalechange’s crowdfunding platform: to obtain financing via $cale¢hange.

For Companies :

Commonstake provides corporations with the ability to respond to consumer concerns and proactively reach out to consumers with news and information about their socially-responsible policies and initiatives. Also, businesses with sufficiently high ratings earn the privilege to advertise and access consumer analytics. Optionally, companies can empower their customers as impact investors, offering them $calechange in exchange for sales and promotions.